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Trusted Wireless Headphone Technology

Need help with your headphones? We can help!

About Unwired Technology

We have been producing wireless rear seat entertainment headphones since 2006. Our high quality headphones work in most major car makes and models.  

If you are looking for replacement headphones, you have come to the right place!

Can't figure out how to use your rear seat entertainment system?  Check our car guide to get instructions and troubleshooting!

Need Headphones FAST?  We have trusted re-sellers you can use. See our list!

Unwired Technology is an authentic producer of headphones for auto makers. Trust our expertise.


Whether you are a professional parts buyer or a busy parent, Unwired Technology can help you with your wireless Infrared Headphone needs.

"Finding the right headphones for our car wasn't easy, but UnWired was able to point us in the right direction in no time."

Joe Linchman
(Busy Parent)

"We were looking for replacement parts for our vehicle fleets, and UnWired was able to link us with a distributor within a few moments. We had over 100 headphones delivered the next day."

Jim Jennings

"We were originally going to use BlueTooth technology, but after a consultation with UnWired we decided on the Infrared Technology. I'm glad we did."

Jeff Regan


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